If you are in doubt about which is the best car lamp, see the comparison below. When changing the car lamps many people wonder which type is best to use. And in Brazil, the three most sought after at the moment, mainly in automotive customization, are Xenon, LED or Super White lamps. But, after all, which is the best? See more at best HID conversion kit


Let's start with Xenon, which is the most used type in the world of modified cars. Its name is given by the presence of xenon gas, responsible for processing and intensifying the charges sent to the lamps.

The color of the Xenon lamp varies according to the intensity of the light, starting from the extreme white to purple. The temperature is measured in Kelvins, so when you buy you will have several options of intensity and colors. In Brazil the most common ones range from 6000K to 12000K.

Advantages :

- 3 times more reach;

- Consumes 50% less energy;

- Lasts 2 times longer;

- Brings better visibility of roads and signs.

Disadvantages :

- Requires legalization (see article on the ban on xenon);

- More complex installation;

- Poor regulation can obscure the vision of other drivers.

Note: Currently Xenon is only allowed in cars that have this item legalized in the document or that already leave the factory with this type of accessory.


The Super White lamps have the same system as the original Halogen lamps that come in cars, but the main difference is the manufacturing materials and the color of the bulb, which contrasts with the yellow light of the filament and emits a white beam to the instead of yellowish, they have the power between 4000 to 6000K.

The Super Whites gained more strength in Brazil after the ban on the legalization of Xenon. Because they use the same process as the common ones, but with more advanced technology, in addition, they are authorized by INMETRO, DETRAN and do not need adaptations for their installation.


- Greater reach;

- Better luminosity;

- Authorized use (no need to legalize);

- Lasts up to 3 times longer;

- No need to modify the original system.

Disadvantages :

- Warm up like the originals;

- More expensive than Xenon;


lamps have technology in front of Halogen lamps (filament) and Xenon lamps (gas), because they emit light through their own chip, providing more visibility, less consumption and less wear of parts around them by don't get hot.

Currently LED lamps are the most used in the headlights by luxury car manufacturers due to their efficiency, reaching up to 6000K in extremely white color.

Advantages :

- 74% savings;

- Lasts 5 times longer than Xenon and Super White;

- Different shades;

- Do not heat up;

- Authorized use (no need to legalize);

- Does not modify original system.

Disadvantages :

- Higher value;

- In Brazil it still doesn't fit for some cars.

After all, what better car lamp?

The three options are better than the original Halogens, but the Xenon lamps come out ahead due to greater power (above 6000K). However, as its use is restricted, then the best option is in the Super White lamps, which will still be more economical for your pocket. But, if your concern is not the power, then choose the LED lamps, which although more expensive, have a lower consumption and a much longer life.